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Package Delivery

Our Policies

Here, at Black Ibis Discs, we're devoted to tailoring things just for you. We ship nation-wide, but our target demographic is Michiganders. We offer a free promotion for any Lansing resident to get free shipping on all orders - you pay the full price with no shipping, plus we throw in a Black Ibis sticker for free!

Separate from the offer mentioned above, we're also putting in free, unreleased store merch in random orders of $30+ ! This is to reward new customers for supporting a new, small business. Not all order of $30+ will have merch.

Considering the times, the shop has a few notable policies:

  • Any delivery made by Black Ibis Discs rather than another delivery service requires that the driver is wearing a mask upon delivery

  • During the event of a pop-up kiosk, all customers and vendors are required to be wearing masks and practicing reasonable social distancing - no touching discs without permission

  • Customers may set up special instructions with our delivery services, although if you're a Lansing resident who wants to give delivery instructions, please email

  • During packaging, all employees must properly sanitize their hands, be wearing masks, and sanitize products/packaging

Store Policies:

  • For refunds, questions about orders or shipping, questions about Black Ibis Discs, and business opportunities, email . Corbin is the founder and owner and is still in the process of completing the store

  • We do NOT ship internationally

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